iPad Air 1/ 2 Case for Filmmaking


The iOgrapher filmmaking case for the iPad Air 1 and 2 enables you to add lenses, microphones, lighting to your iPad for an enhanced video solution. Put the iOgrapher on any standard tripod or use the patent pending handles on both side for steady shots.

  • 37mm lens thread to add iOgrapher and other lenses.

  • 3 cold shoes on top to add lights, microphones, or even your GoPro!

  • iOgrapher patent pending handle system on both sides for stable shooting.

  • 1/4 20 thread on the bottom for easy attachment to a tripod.



Add 37mm lenses to a convenient, threaded lens mount for wide angles, fisheye looks, and macros for those extreme close ups. iOgrapher even has mounts for attaching lighting and audio gear on its 3 accessory shoes across the top.

Want to set up your iPad Air 1&2 in one spot for continuous shooting? Simply mount the iOgrapher to any standard standard tripod, monopod or portable dolly. A rugged tripod mount will handle them all.

*******Important Notice For iPad Air 2 Users*******

When using with the 2X telephoto lens users may see darkened edges. This is caused by the lens having been moved slightly from the first version of the iPad Air.

An easy fix is to zoom in very slightly until the edges disappear. To zoom, just use your thumb and index finger and pull them apart on the screen until the edges disappear.


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